Data Breaches and Point of Sale Systems

Stew Nelson Senior Risk Advisor

Stew Nelson
Senior Risk Advisor

If you have a Point of Sale, POS, system you need to read this latest Informational Release from  iSight Partners.  Additionally, if you are one of the 70 million Americans that had their data compromised in the Target or Nieman Marcus data breaches you should read this also.

KAPTOXA POS Report – Released Jan. 16, 2014

iSIGHT Partners, working with the U.S. Secret Service, has determined that a new piece of malicious software, KAPTOXA (Kar-Toe-Sha), has potentially infected a large number of retail information systems. A joint publication has been issued by the Department of Homeland Security, USSS, FS-ISAC and iSIGHT Partners.


If you have a POS system in operation, you may be at risk. If you are interested in a copy of the iSIGHT KAPTOXA POS Report, please contact If you believe that you have been compromised, immediately contact your local U.S. Secret Service Field Office/Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) or the USSS toll free number at 877-242-3375. For all inquiries pertaining to the official joint publication, please contact the DHS NCCIC Duty Officer at or 1(888) 282-0870


Don’t be worried, but do be vigilant

As always, regularly check bank statements for fraudulent charges, monitor credit statements for unusual activity, and do not open email from unknown or suspicious sourcesIf you receive an email from what appears to be your bank or financial institution, do not open the email or click on any links. Instead, contact your financial institution directly via phone or website to avoid any phishing scams

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