Buyers Like Choices and Simple Expert Advice

finger pushing buttonGenerally speaking, buyers of goods and services appreciate having options.  This is not merely for the sake of having options, but savvy consumers like to make educated buying decisions based on their own research and often the advice of an expert.

Honestly it is not unusual for a buyer of a new TV or computer, for example, to spend  hours researching which is the best model or brand for them and of course which is the best deal. Before the final decision is made, however, it can be very helpful to get an expert’s advice to confirm what we already know – or to point out features and benefits that may be critical for our satisfaction. If you buy into this general logic, then you might understand why, to a CFO or business owner spending $25k to $500k (and beyond) to protect their assets, this is vitally important. This product called commercial insurance or risk management service should be delivered to you by experts who can offer simple real time solutions and advice to help you make your buying decision.

One such simplification would be helping you understand Flood Insurance and how it impacts you.  Are you covered for flood events? Even if you are not in an established flood zone, you have a flood exposure. Is it included on your policy and if so, what are the limitations? Did you know that often times insurance companies can include flood for relatively little additional premium especially if you are not in a flood zone? What if we you have a rain event of 3-4 inches in one hour? The water could certainly make its way onto your production floor or offices through drains or over a truck bay door. We see claims like this every year. Wouldn’t an executive summary of your current coverage and available options be helpful?

A critical component of this commercial insurance is making the options understandable and always providing  expert advice. At Kapnick we strive to make these products and services easier for the business owner or CFO to understand. This can be a challenge considering all of the complex policy language including exclusions, endorsements and the ever-changing insurance marketplace. However our core purpose  is to Simplify the insurance process. Does your current agent provide options,  expert advice all while making it less complex for you?

Thanks and talk to you next week.

PS, thank you for the feedback from the last entry “Insurance as a Sales Career”.

Joe Buick
Vice President

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