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Risk Solutions

The aim of our Risk Solutions department is to assist clients with overall safety, loss control and claims management. We do this by providing the most innovative tools, training and program support. These services are provided by our own in staff of professionals as well as in coordination with insurance carrier programs putting your premium dollars to work.

Kapnick provides overall analysis of your loss control and safety needs. On-site loss control evaluations, comprehensive claim reviews and program design and implementation are just a few ways Kapnick Risk Solutions assists clients in reducing costs and protecting their investment.

Risk Solutions Strategy

1.) Consultation

  • In depth evaluations of your organization’s programs and strategic goals

2.) Assessment

  • Trending analysis and claim forecasting
  • Safety needs and interest survey

3.) Development

  • Utilization of on-line tools, validated experts and insurance carrier programs

4.) Implementation

  • Targeted employee communications
  • Safety committee meetings

5.) Monitoring and Support

  • Continued educational webinars and seminars
  • Claims advocacy and reviews

As a client of Kapnick Insurance Group you are also given access to the Kapnick Risk Services Center, unique, Web-based risk management tools and materials your organization needs to help reduce injuries and improve profitability. These include:

  • A comprehensive Safety Library and Resource Center

  • Certificate of Insurance tracking

  • Unique Incident Tracking software

  • Access to preferred pricing on Motor Vehicle Reports and Background Checks

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