A new report from Forbes Insights suggests many executives don’t understand their companies’ exposure to risks or have strategies in place to manage them. Does your company have a plan?

76% of executives rated the need to align risk management with their company’s growth strategy as extremely important
68% said they thought their company was doing so
54% said they were aware of the risks associated with their company’s growth
28% suffered financial damage due to operational risk
27% suffered financial damage due to regulatory/compliance risk

risk managementThe best way to control, if not lower insurance costs is through an aggressive, proactive risk management program that goes well beyond insurance-only solutions. Your Kapnick Insurance Group service team will work collaboratively to develop an optimal risk management program for your company by following these steps in program development, in partnership with you:

Step 1 – Identify Exposures

During this crucial initial phase, Kapnick Insurance Group will invest the time to understand every facet of your business in order to help you and your team identify the risks which face your business. By evaluating the effectiveness of risk management programs, practices and resources under “real world” conditions, we assure that your assets receive precisely the right type of protection.

Step 2 – Devise Strategies to Handle Risk

Once Kapnick Insurance Group has developed a thorough understanding of your business, including your industry, corporate culture and operating procedures, we are ready to move beyond insurance, exploring a spectrum of proven alternative strategies to minimize risk and reduce insurance costs.

Kapnick Insurance Group’s comprehensive understanding of your business (see Step 1) will pay huge dividends by enabling us to precisely tailor your strategies to fit the unique needs of your business.

Step 3 – Implementation of Programs

During the implementation process we put in place specially tailored programs and strategies designed to protect your assets while reducing insurance costs. A strong belief in Kapnick Insurance Group’s process motivates underwriters to offer much lower insurance costs on your behalf.

Step 4 – Ongoing Monitoring & Adjustment

You and your business are dynamic – what works for you today might not work as well tomorrow. For this reason, Kapnick Insurance Group will continue to monitor and adjust your risk management programs to ensure a perfect fit as your business evolves and changes. This is where more comprehensive understanding of your business (see Step 1) can pay huge dividends, by enabling us to precisely tailor your protection to fit the unique needs of your business.

We don’t stop there – We actively manage all aspects of the insurance and risk management process, following a detailed service timeline that we have developed. Here are some of the additional services you can expect:

  • Risk management annual service plan
  • Pre-renewal strategy
  • Mid-year update
  • Annual insurance review
  • Premium and exposure analysis
  • Audit review
  • Premium audit reconciliation
  • Coverage gap analysis
  • Classification audits and reviews
  • Proofing and verification of insurance policies and forms
  • Stewardship report with compliance audit
  • Contract review
  • Annual executive coverage review
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Historic pricing analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • State of the Insurance Industry studies