Claims Management

One of the most effective means of driving down your insurance costs is to have a good understanding of your claims. Claims are important and must be managed effectively in order to assure a positive outcome. For that reason we have staffed our claims department with only seasoned associates, including a dedicated claims analyst. All have over 15 years of experience in claims handling, and have the knowledge and expertise to effectively analyze and negotiate.

As a part of your service team, the claims staff will provide advice, guidance and advocacy throughout the claims process. They provide many valuable services before, during and after a claim occurs including:

  • Submission of claim per client request
  • Serving as your advocate throughout the claims process
  • Monitoring the status of the claim on your behalf
  • Reviewing claims data to identify the risks and exposures that led to the loss (allowing us to provide a plan to reduce or eliminate those exposures)
  • Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification management
  • Loss picks and analytical feasibility studies
  • Claims analysis forecasting
  • Providing meaningful Executive Summary Reports to quickly pinpoint problem areas and make it easy to implement solutions
  • Litigation management
  • Participation in Safety and Human Resources Committee Workers’ Compensation claims review meetings.

As much as we endeavor to assist our clients in avoiding claims, they are a reality of doing business. When a claim situation occurs, our claims staff is there to assist from start to finish. We formalize the claims review process and bring all interested parties together including Finance, Human Resources & Safety to discuss open claims directly with the claims adjuster. This overall awareness sends a powerful message throughout your organization that can result in reducing future claims and driving down existing loss reserves.

Our in-house administration can control and coordinate all aspects of claims and litigation management. The claims staff administers self-insured, risk retention and deductible plans on behalf of our clients. They have extensive experience with Workers’ Compensation, Product & Premise Liability, Property and Automobile Physical Damage.