Is an alternative market the right choice for your risk management?

Depending on current insurance market conditions, and the nature and amount of your individual risk, an alternative market solution may be an ideal consideration for your business. These options are typically automatically explored when difficult risks, resulting in hard to place coverages, exist.

Other advantages of alternative markets to consider, regardless of your level of risk, include increased control over your insurance program, control over claims management, and the availability of cost effective options not offered with the standard array of commercial insurance products. As the fastest growing segment of the insurance industry, alternative market solutions are making more sense to more and more businesses.

Examples of alternative risk solutions include:


Enable companies to pay premiums to their own specially created insurance company returning unused premium back to the policyholder.

Self-Funded Programs

Enables companies to retain larger amounts of risk by utilization of a third-party administrator to adjust claims.

Large Deductible Programs

Similar to self-funded programs. Enables companies to manage large deductibles by utilization of a third-party administrator to adjust claims.

Loss Sensitive Programs

Conventional insurance coverage which allows companies to adjust their premiums expense based on loss experience.

Kapnick Insurance Group owns a multi-cell captive that dramatically reduces start-up costs and time of implementation. Kapnick also has relationships with some of the largest captive administrators in the world. These relationships allow us to offer a variety of group captives as well as single parent captives. Other alternative programs are also available through our relationship with various insurance carriers. Our administrative services can be partnered with virtually any provider to meet the needs of our clients.