Boost Your Energy – Health Coach Corner

Do you ever feel like your energy is being zapped from you?  You start yawning at 3:00pm?  You are tired at 7:30pm?  Here are some of my favorite simple & quick tips for more energy.  When you’re yawning or getting sleepy, you may simply need more OXYGEN to your brain!  Or you may need to have a healthy snack to raise your blood sugar.  Follow some of these tips for an instant energy boost:

  • Stand Tall – allow more oxygen to flow through your brain and body
  • Eat quality carbs for energy – oatmeal, whole grain crackers, brown rice, potatoes, fruit
  • Eat a snack between 3-5pm – when blood sugar is at its lowest
  • Cut out the funnies from the paper and keep them for a quick laugh
  • Take many power walk breaks and/or do standing squats for quick blood flow through your muscles
  • Stand up and S-T-R-E-T-C-H (every hour!)
  • Drink tea instead of coffee (limit caffeine, it gives you a false “pick me up” and may make you even more tired after it wears off).
  • Eat fruit instead of candy for a quick pick-me-up
  • Find the humor in things
  • SMILE often and find something good to be thankful for today
  • Breathe deeply (10-15 deep breaths each day)