Barre – Try Something New!

122623047Have you grown bored with your typical workout routine every week and don’t know what to try? Barre classes might be the answer!  Barre classes provide a phenomenal total body workout that generally last 60 minutes with high intensity music, combining strengthening and stretching exercises. These low impact classes are based off a ballet bar using a mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet and can incorporate exercise balls and yoga bands. The use of the ballet bar introduces your body to certain positions that engages your leg muscles in new and unique exercises.

A primary goal of integrating a barre class in your workout routine is to target specific muscle groups followed by stretching.  This aims to elongate the same muscle group that you just worked creating longer and stronger muscles.  Barre classes can be considered a safe, low impact version of interval training.

This total body interval workout can also be considered a cardiovascular exercise because you will be moving from standing to lying down and your heart rate will be going up and down right along with you and your exercises. Many exercises done in this class use your own body weight, placing the most focus on your arms, abdomen and thighs. A strong focus is placed on small movements and pulses to push your muscles the farthest they can go. These exercises require much focus, clearing your mind, therefore you will gain many of the same benefits that yoga or meditation would provide.

It is recommended to practice barre at least three to five times a week to get the best results. With a healthy diet and proper rest periods these workouts have the potential to boost your metabolism, decrease overall body fat while increasing lean muscle density and a natural flow of the body!


Tess Zasuwa | Health Solution Intern