Back to School! Coverage for College Students

Four Seasons of Insurance – by Sam Engardio

Soon the weather will be getting cooler, football season will be in the air, and college campuses will be buzzing with activity. The time to send college students back to school is right around the corner, so make sure you are prepared with the right coverage.

How much “stuff” could you fit in a dorm?
Students away at college may not have much space, but they know how to fill it! From clothes and shoes, to expensive books, computers, digital cameras, televisions, microwaves and of course the mini-fridge…college students can have a significant value of personal property with them at school. So, is it covered?

The answer is yes. While some companies limit the amount of Coverage C in campus housing to the typical 10% off-premises limit, others will provide coverage up to the Coverage C limit for personal property of a full-time student away at school.  It’s a simple phone call to our office to let you know what your current policy covers.

Can I insure my child’s computer?
Yes! Either through scheduling your computer, or making it part of the contents, or staff can help you decide what’s best for your college students needs.

Helpful hints on students and vehicles
Wheels left behind – Students who are away at school over 100 miles without a vehicle can be rated as part time operators and given the Distant Student Discount.

Cruising campus – Students who take vehicles with them to school should have the garaging location address for their vehicles added to the policy. Also, for in-state schools the territory should be updated based on the address during the school-year while the vehicle is kept there.

Other items to consider…
Parents love to keep in touch…but what happens if a student loses his/her cell phone at school? Under a basic policy, this would be covered as personal property and subject to the policy deductible. However, some companies have endorsements that can cover the cell phones for all family members regardless of location and without a deductible.

Bicycles are a common mode of transportation on college campuses. Depending on the value, it may be beneficial to schedule this item to obtain broader coverage and also avoid losses being subject to a deductible.

The above article provides only a general description of the coverages. For complete descriptions, please go to the actual policy language.