8 Ways to Keep Moving During the Winter

Kim Bielenda  Health Solutions Coordinator

Kim Bielenda
Health Solutions Coordinator

Since the snow keeps falling, I figured it would be a good idea to discuss different ways you can exercise outside and keep moving during the deep freeze. Did you know that exercising outside in the cold you actually burn more calories? It’s true, this is due to your metabolic rate increasing to warm your body – this bit of extra work means extra burn! Also, many winter exercise require you to tackle different terrain, like snow!

Below I have listed 8  outdoor activities that provide great cardio and strength training!

1.)    Try a winter sport. Just because you can’t play volleyball on the beach right now doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and try another sport. Snowboarding and skiing (downhill or cross-country) are a great ways to get your cardio in outdoors.

2.)    Have a snowball fight. Snowball fights can be fun, a great stress reliever, and a decent workout! Imagine the workout your legs will be getting climbing over the snow and dodging snowballs.

3.)    Snowshoeing. This great cardio workout is a cross between walking, hiking and nature viewing. Since the snow is heavy and thick, it creates a lot of resistance you have to move through. If you’re a nature lover, you may also get to spot some winter wildlife.

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4.)    Ice Skating. A great date activity and workout! You will want to keep moving as much as possible. Also, work on those abs by keeping your core engaged.

5.)    Go running. The cold air is a good refresher. Just be sure to wear the right gear!

6.)    Sledding. Enough said. Long walks up a steep hill!

7.)    Build an igloo. This can be a fantastic form of exercise, with a neat result at the end.

8.)    Shoveling snow. I saved this one for last because I know it is everyone’s favorite. Not really, but it is all around great workout. You are not only getting cardio but working out your back, shoulder, and legs.