64th Annual Bob Ufer Quarterback Club Outing

64th annual Bob Ufer Quarterback Club Outing that was held on Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Tom Ufer and the new head football coach, Brady Hoke, leading the group in singing the finest college fight song ever written, the Meechigan Victors

by Tom Ufer

The Bob Ufer Quarterback Club Outing is an event that my dad started in 1947 was a way for the local businessmen to meet and greet the U of M football staff and coaches. It has since evolved into an opportunity to provide scholarships for some of Ann Arbor’s finest young people.  Since my dad’s death 29 years ago, we have touched the lives of over 121 of the top senior student/athletes from Ann Arbor’s Pioneer and Huron High School who are going on to college at U of M. The scholarships we have given out to these bright young students have totaled $545,000+ over the past 28 years.

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