2014 Health Gadgets on the Horizon

MYfitnessPalKolibree Toothbrush

  • This seems to be the first electric toothbrush that provides a link to a smart phone app via Bluetooth technology. This state of the art toothbrush can track how long you brush, if you brush all four quadrants of your mouth and if you brush up and down. All of this helpful hygiene data is gathered through three sensors that record the information. Ultimately, this interactive tracking toothbrush is designed to keep people motivated to better manage personal oral health.

   Netatmo June: Sun protection

  •  Fashion meets function with this new fashionable piece of jewelry, bracelet or broach, which can detect when you’ve been in the sun for too long! This high tech piece can then follow up with a recommendation for a SPF sunscreen and a warning to steer clear of harmful rays. Wirelessly connecting to your smart phone allows for current updates concerning sun care tips for the day.

Withings Aura Sleep System

  • A smart sleep system that was designed in three parts consisting of a mobile application, sleep sensor and bedside device. The bedside device provides light and sound programs and records your sleep environment. The sleep senor slips under your mattress to monitor sleep patterns and cycles. The mobile application is wirelessly connected with a personalized sleep program controlled by the palm of your hand.


  • Receiving high marks for safety this new sensor cap continuously measures impacts to the head an athlete experiences and can provide a simple visual of the impact severity. CHECKLIGHT keeps your head in the game by indicating the severity of the hit with a simple yellow, red or green light on the back of the cap allowing athletes to an accurate assessment of concussion severity.


  • This electronic smart fork monitors your eating habits and connects via USB or Bluetooth to your online dashboard. The HAPIfork measures how long it takes you to eat a meal, the amount of “fork servings” taken per minute and the intervals between “fork servings”. A “fork serving” is considered the action of bringing food from your plate to your mouth with your fork. The HAPIfork promotes the importance of slow eating thereby lessening the chance of weight gain, digesting food properly and reducing gastric reflux.