10 Tips for Eating Out


Eating out can be a challenge when you are trying to watch what you eat.  Looking at the menu at your favorite dishes and having to flip the page to the “healthy” section can be a sad moment in your dining experience.  However, don’t be afraid to turn the page back to your favorite pasta dish or burger.  Below are some great tips to help you to make wise choices at the table.

  1. Avoid the bread that comes out before your meal.  If you’re at a restaurant where it’s customary to have dinner rolls, kindly ask the waiter to take them back or not to bring them out.
  2. H2O is the way to GO!  Don’t drink your calories, eat them.  Stay away from the pop and alcoholic beverages.
  3. Ask for a Togo box when your food arrives.  Then place half of your meal in the box to help with portion control.  Plus you will have an awesome lunch for the next day.
  4. Choose an entrée that has veggies, lots of veggies.
  5. When ordering pasta, ask the waiter if they offer whole grain pasta noodles as a substitute.
  6. If your meal comes with a soup or salad, request dressing on the side and pass on the creamier soups.
  7. Be inquisitive.  Ask your waiter how items are prepared.  Are the vegetables sautéed in butter, drowning in cheeses or fried?
  8. Take your time.  Don’t rush your meal, eating shouldn’t be a race.  Enjoy your food; the flavors of the ingredients.  Share your day with your eating companion.  Your food isn’t going to run off your plate…hopefully!
  9. Try something new.  Go for the salmon dish you’ve had your eye on but was too scared to try.  Broaden your food palate and explore new dishes and restaurants.
  10. Dessert please!  If you must, choose a dessert with fruit or sorbet.